Process Optimization
             Guide to Maximum Return

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Process Optimization

What is process optimization?

Discover the hidden factory within your plant!  This is a common statement used to describe process optimization.  The idea behind process optimization is to modify a process as to deliver higher yield, more product or higher return from existing assets or people.

Businesses and process managers need to work on process optimization at various stages during manufacturing (but not limited to manufacturing).  Business process optimization can involve procurement, marketing, research and other business functions.  The best companies continue to strive for continuous process optimization exercises throughout their existence.  A company only focusing on process optimization cannot succeed.  Similarly, a company focused on acquisitions or innovative products cannot thrive without process optimization. 

Act of process optimization describes use of various methods to maximize return, cycle time, yield, or efficiency given multiple constraints.

What tools are used for process optimization?

Many relate process optimization directly to use of statistical techniques to identify the optimum solution.  Read More.

Where do you find inspiration for process optimization?

A good first inspiration source in process optimization is to look for best practices in your industry. Read More.

What are the critical steps to process optimization?

By far, the most exciting step in process optimization is the “what if” scenario modeling.  Read More.

What tools can help with process optimization?

Read More